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Floral and Hardy Farm is a specialty cut flower farm.  We grow unique varieties  of cut flowers and interesting botanical materials.  Tim and I have been growers since 1988. Floral & Hardy was born in June 1996.  Our crops usually begin to bloom in January with beautiful amaryllis and end around Halloween with sunflowers, grasses and grains.  The majority of our flowers are sold at wholesale prices to florists.  We also sell flowers and Christmas wreaths to the public at the Soda City farmer's market in downtown Columbia, S.C. Occasionally, you may find bouquets at Cricket Newman designs on Gervais St and at Wingard's nursery in Lexington.


  All of our high-quality fresh flowers are produced on the farm either in the field or in our coldframes.  Our flowers and foliages are produced as sustainably as possible.  Drip irrigation is used to conserve water. Our goal is to provide the freshest and highest quality flowers we can possibly produce.  We constantly strive to find ways to make our flowers last longer and to educate our customers on how to keep their flowers as long as possible. We used to sell ONLY what we produce.  However we have purchased flowers in winter months to sell at Soda City to enhance our own flowers.  Amaryllis, paperwhites and winter jasmine make beautiful arrangements, but sometimes I yearn for more color in the bleak winter.  If we are at Soda City, we will always have some of our own flowers to sell.

 Our flowers are cut early in the morning and put immediately into water. Then they are taken to an air-conditioned studio and allowed to drink for several hours before they are processed and put in the cooler for delivery the next day.

We intentionally seek out hard-to-ship flowers that are not readily available to most florists and deliver them with care.  You can expect new varieties of flowers to be added to our mix every year!

Tim and I love what we do, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our flowers!

Donna Mills


Some of our most treasured employees... 


Why buy Floral & Hardy Farm Flowers? 

Because they’re fresh!

You can't get fresher flowers anywhere! We are the only local grower of commercial cut flowers in the Midlands. AND- by purchasing Floral & Hardy Farm flowers you are supporting a local farm who puts money back into the local economy instead of foreign countries.  It is said that for every $100 spent locally $68 goes back into the local economy.  Comparitively, only $40 of every $100 spent in a big chain goes back into the local economy.




Come see us at the Soda City market  Saturday mornings on the 1500 block of Main Street in beautiful downtown Columbia, S.C. The market is open from 9am until 1pm.  Year-round.






1824 Old Barnwell Rd.

Lexington, SC 29073

Floral & Hardy farm is a working farm, please no drop-ins...call for appt.


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